The Carpenter's Brew

We live in an era of imagination but in theology more often than not we don't show our creativity.


So much of Catholic thought was based on the imaginative formulations of the great Saints.

Whether it was the Apostles, the Desert Fathers and Mothers or Medieval Scholastics theology has always relied on a creative subtext to make it understandable.  Unfortunately more often than not we stopped trying to explain in a way that made sense to us now and just mimic what came before us.  Hopefully this website is my small attempt to fix that.



My goal is to eventually allow others to post here as well, creating an outlet for those armchair and sometimes professional theologians to spit their own fire.


We have to relearn our basic beliefs if we want to express their wonder to others.

Christopher Johnson


Chris takes on the Catholic faith.

These are some of my more historically understated explanations of Catholic belief taken from over a decade of teaching.


Let's not be afraid to discuss BIG IDEAS. (even if they can be a bit weird.)